Interior painting is very important for your daily life. It is depand on painter and materials what you used , also will affect your sucessful life if you choosed wrong painter and colours.

You need to get the right painter who is good job done, highly trust , liability . Also some important details that the finish of paint or sheen , will have a major impact on your interior walls.

Embrace colours , Don't fear the bold colours, Select colours that add depth and texture to a room.

We offer an affordable prices and professional service for interior painting

 residential /commercial or small to medium businesses in Auckland. Our rates are competitive to any job small or large completing all our work on time , so that is mean decorating your property is not going to cost you as much as you thought.

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​interior painting

​exterior painting

Paint at the right time Like us, paint is sensitive to heat and cold. Hotter or colder days are not the ideal days to paint. Rainy days fill the air with water. Painting in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface is better avoided: painters often follow the shade. 

Most people think it is the weather that break down exterior paint. But it is actually dirt and pollution that weakens the paint and the sun , rain finish it off.

The appearance and resilience of external house can be greatly affected by the wind, rain, sunlight and condensation, so make sure you get the professionals to complete the job for you. Miraj painting team will undertake all types of outdoor  painting services to the highest standard, and using the correct, specialist products. Give your house a new lease of life with our  painting services.
Also we are providing a wide range of special windows painting and refurbishment to keep the outside of your house looking well-maintained and up-to-date. Whether it's draught proofing your sash windows or repairing your double glazing, we offer top-quality windows restoration services at competitive prices. Don't let the appearance of your external windows let you down, call us today for a quotation for your windows decorating and repair jobs.